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Had a great experience. Everything was done on time and without any hitches. There were no extra surprise add-ons. We've used others and have had trouble almost every time. Others are always trying to add something to the cost. These guys do what they say for the amount and add services not costs or problems.
(Jay Berger)

Working with Weasel Graphix - has helped our business grow. Their creative ideas, reasonable prices and quick turnaround, has definitely given us a competitive edge!
(Paula Infelise)

Weasel Graphix has great pricing, quick turnaround and quality work. We would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the great work! We're sorry we didn't hear about them sooner, it would have saved us a lot of headaches
(Allison Pickard)

Great pricing for high quality work. Would recommend to anyone wanting fast reliable service.
(Jim Italiano)

Excellent, reliable and professional. We would highly recommend Weasel Graphix to anyone in
need of high quality work!
(Charles Dawkins)

Great turnaround time, very competative prices, Weasel Graphix has a solid understanding fo the Specialty Advertising Industry.
(Bruce Graham)

Logo Re-Creation as low as $5.00

Already have a logo but don't have it in original vector format? One of our specialties is to re-create logos exactly as provided to us. Email us for unlimited free quotes.

Digitizing CDN
  $5.00 /1000 stitches $15 minimum
10,000 - 25,000 $50 flat rate
25,000+ $2.50 /1000 stitches

Digitizing USA
  $4.00 /1000 stitches $12 minimum
10,000 - 25,000 $40 flat rate
25,000+ $1.50 /1000 stitches

Our digitizing for embroidery service includes, fast quotations, and a maximum 24 hour turn around. All orders come with a Tajima DST file and a PDF production worksheet.

Virtual Samples as low as $5.00

We can take any vector graphic file and any blank product image to produce a virtual sample. This service can be great when you need a quick sample to try and sell your customer on an idea. Virtuals created usually in under 1 hour.

File Conversions flat rate $5.00

We can resave files in almost any format required. eg (EPS to PDF, JPG, BMP).

Vector example

Digitizing examples


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